Other B4J v1.50 is released

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  1. Erel

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    I'm happy to release B4J v1.50.
    This version adds support for building web server applications. There are several example in the tutorials forum.
    Once you understand the basic concepts, it is quite simple to create your own web server solution.
    Server projects can also be useful as the backend solutions for your mobile applications.

    New features:
    • Support for web servers: Building web servers with B4J
    • Support for Raspberry Pi computers (and other Linux ARM boards): B4J and Raspberry Pi boards
    • New types of nodes: ScrollPane and ProgressBar
    • TableView - single cell selection mode
    • MenuItem.Visibile property
    • FocusChanged event added to most nodes
    • ListView.ScrollTo method
    • Http library authentication mode was fixed
    • StopMessageLoop keyword (relevant in server applications)
    • #MergeLibraries attribute - Allows skipping of the merging step in Release mode
    You can download the latest version here: www.basic4ppc.com/android/b4j.html
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  2. Paolo Cosentino

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    Simply amazing!
    Thx Erel
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    thank Erel
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    sounds very good
    i'll try it

    Thank you Erel
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    Wow. Ok. I'll give B4J another try, thanks Erel.
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    Thanks Erel!!!
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    many thanks Erel...
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    Can't wait to try the new features.
    Thank you!
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    thank you for the efforts...
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    Sounds very good !!!!!!
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    Thank Brazilians
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    Wow, thanks Erel
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    Thank you Erel
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    Thank you @Erel , I'll have a go with it later and boot up my Pi.
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    Thank is great Erel
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    Raspberry Pi! ... Wow .. nice job! .. Thanks
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    Excelente Noticias!!
  18. kosay

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    can I use it for mobile application ? for symbian OS ?
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    Amazing, thanks Erel
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