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Hi you all

I have a problem that i don't know how to resolve.
I use the B4J Webview control to display web pages, very simples web pages. And there is an internal link or multiples one that don't do anything, i used that same type of code on B4A and that works very nicely, but on B4J nada..
It is simply a link that call and internal sub in javascript includes in the page that in B4A call an internal function to B4A with the Object B4A.
// Note this is in javascript inside the page
function loadpage(page, art) {
 alert('Page-' + page + '  historique-' + art) ;
  B4A.CallSub('loadmypage',true,page,art) ;
 return false ;

The link is very simple and include data to be pass to this sub
<a href="javascript:loadpage('002','h194');return false;" onclick="loadpage('002','h194');return false;" class="ui-button" title="Consult historic">2019...</a>

NOTE The hRef= is only for testing normally in B4A i don't use it as the onClick event doing the job in B4A.

I try to see the event of Pagefinished and LocationChanged in the webview event and nothing come up on either of them, and the click does not do anything. I tried on a normal browser and the click work, except it does not call the B4A.Callsub('loadmypage',true,page,art) wich is normal from a normal web browser as it does not have that function or object.

Is there a way to accomplish about the same trick on the B4J webview, cause this thing is slowing me down. If there is no option for the B4J webview to do this then i won't be able to provide a window version because of thoses link that are very important to my app, fortunately it does work in B4A and B4I.
I thought that windows webview should do about the same thing, but it does not and i don't know why.

So if someone had to deal with a thing like that and found a solution for this, can you Please Please Please, tell me the direction i should go to accomplish about the same thing wich is calling a sub inside the B4J to do the link that is nessecairy for my app to work properly.

Thanks guys...