B4J Question B4JPackager11 on Linux Mint - how to install the provided OpenJDK 11 + OpenJFX 11?


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Hi all,

Big time Linux n00b here. As in the (potentially quite distant) future I might abandon Windows and move to Linux entirely, I wanted to see if my B4J UI program would run 'as is' on Linux Mint with OpenJDK 11 (which was installed with apt) by just transferring the jar file and running it. Long story short (after a lot of searching and trying), I got it to run but then it crashes. When reading https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...the-simplest-way-to-distribute-ui-apps.99835/ I noticed the 'OpenJDK 11 + OpenJFX 11' for Linux at https://b4xfiles-4c17.kxcdn.com/b4j/linux_jdk-11.0.1.zip, and this is a zip file (as opposed to an apt package). Instead of just asking about the exception I'm getting, I wanted to first make sure that all required components are installed.

My question is: what should I do with the contents of this zip? I presume they need to be moved somewhere and possibly some directories should be included in the default path, but I'm clueless.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated !


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i follow all steps up to end of B4JPackager complete run with "Done!" without any errors,
I found temp folder in linux machine but my appxx.jar is missing
Where did i go wrong?

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