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  1. Hypnos

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    A very simply project using B4R IR send and receive Library.

    The blue one is the first test unit using UNO + LCD + IR Send + IR Receiver + 2 Push Buttons, I got some issue when using the push buttons and IR Receiver together, when received a signal, the program always keep restart... after increased the StackbufferSize, finally working normally. This unit can receive the signal from remote control and display the code on the LCD, press the button to resend the code for testing to ensure the detected code is correct.

    The yellow one using nano with 9V battery inside the case, I give this unit to elderly people for quick TV remote, press 1 button and it will send combination of code so it's more easy for them to use.

    My original plan is making a Internet IR remote (B4R+B4I+MQTT), next time I will try it using 8266 : )

    Always, the case is the most difficult part for me.... this time I'm use my new 3D printer to print the case, I'm a beginner to draw 3D model, so the box is a little bit big..... hopefully next time I can do better...

  2. Hypnos

    Hypnos Active Member Licensed User

    New Version:

    - Using ESP8266
    - Internet Control by B4I App using MQTT protocol








    10.png 11.png
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