B4R Question B4R Sockets, Astreams, initialize, errors. 8266 wifi


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some points/ queries:
I assume that you do not initialize sockets in B4R as there is no socket.initialize.
I also assume that there is no Socket_Connected (Successful As Boolean) as that doesn't seem to trigger? (I'm using Socket.Connected to see if it safe to send, is that the correct approach?)
Astream_Error seems to trigger for each Astreams.Write. Is that correct? If not then what could cause it to do so? Without any debugging support I can't find the cause.


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Carefully read the tutorial: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/connecting-two-esp8266-boards.89726/#content

Screenshot from the tutorial:


Also read and understand the code. It is quite simple.
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