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Hi all,
within a [B4X] [B4XPages] App I'm running the B4XPages Splash Screen ( by @Erel.

Before start coding, I have a couple of ("briefing") questions:

1) I wish to make a mod to it in order to display an animated gif instead the static image. Which is the suggested library to integrate within the B4XPages Splash Screen?
2) There are any specific / special code changes (in order to run an animated gif as cross platform solution) that I have to do to the original B4XPages - Splash Screen?

I think that this mod can be useful for many other B4XPages developers.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions :)


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Non devi creare alcuna cartella "additional libraries" per un progetto. Questa cartella, che contiene le altre 4, è unica per tutte le piattaforme e per tutti i progetti che crei.
Ripeto, tu non devi creare alcuna cartella.

Esatto ma tu le hai già, sono quelle "puntate" dai path impostati negli IDE.

Remember that there is also the italian forum, where we can understand each other better ;)

Thanks for your suggestions Luca and have a happy new year :)
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