Android Tutorial [B4X] B4XTable - Adding custom navigation buttons

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Depends on B4XTable v1.01+


It is very simple to add your own navigation features.

Sub btnNext_Click
   B4XTable1.CurrentPage = B4XTable1.CurrentPage + 1
End Sub

Sub btnPrev_Click
   B4XTable1.CurrentPage = B4XTable1.CurrentPage - 1
End Sub

Sub B4XTable1_DataUpdated
   btnNext.Enabled = B4XTable1.lblNext.Tag
   btnPrev.Enabled = B4XTable1.lblBack.Tag
End Sub
When the data is updated we check the state of lblNext and lblBack. The state is stored in the tag property.

Related example with swipe gestures:


  • B4XTable With Navigation
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Error :
1. File not found b4xinputtemplate.bal
2. Unknown type b4xtablecolumn

Library b4xTable 1.02

Gabino A. de la Gala

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Are there any way to scroll between pages by gestures?

I am thinking to use a scroll bar or something similar.


Alexis Martial

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You can make all columns frozen and use GestureRecognizer to detect swipes.

Hi Erel,

I tried above suggestion, creating a GestureRecognizer.
Issue is the GestureRecognizer does not get the event when I associate him with B4XTable.mBase, probably since each item in the table is in front.
And if I associate the GestureRecognizer to the parent Panel/Activity, he also got the event only if started from outside the B4XTable area.

Can give one more clue ? ;-)

Thanks in advance
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