Android Question B4X - Deferred dynamic links - Firebase vs Deeplink


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I'm currently exploring ways to enhance/simplify the user experience of a matching set of B4A and B4i apps I have developed.

These apps are basically of the "use once then throw away" variety - in the process supplying the user with access to photos that include him/her at an "adventure park".

Therefor they need to be ultra-simple to install and use.

When the user purchases access to the service he/she supplies a phone number - which is sent an SMS with an embedded URL that launches the app, passing customer specific info.

Of course, the first time, the app isn't installed - creating numerous opportunities for confusion and frustration.

So the SMS's embedded URL needs to be of the more exotic "deferred dynamic" variety.

I have looked at both Firebase Dynamic Links:

and the Deeplink product:

Firebase is "free" but requires the incorporation of an SDK in each app.

DonManfred has recently wrapped the Firebase AppInvite library for B4A, which includes the dynamic link fuctionality:

Some 41 methods/events/properties.

There does not appear to be any equivalent effort on the B4i side and it is beyond my capabilities.

Deeplink is not free (looks like less than USD0.01 per click at scale which is a small cost in this situation) but does not appear to involve any SDK - just the creation of an app profile on their console and use of a specific URL that seems to transfer all responsibility for app installs and launching to their site.


So it looks like Deeplink might be the way to go.

I'd be interested in any comments, experiences, corrections, suggestions etc that anyone may care to offer.
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