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Why another documentation viewer? I wanted to integrate it into my B4xLibDeploy app, this is a stand alone version which has Load file and Drag and drop enabled

You can:

  • Load a documentation XML file.
  • Drag and drop XML documentation files from the File Manager.
  • Drag and drop XML documentation files from the B4x Forum and save them locally (try it with the attached BuildDocs.xml).
  • Export the documentation as HTML pages, if there is more than one class in a library an index page is created with links
  • Export the documentation as B4xForum friendly bbcode pages or add to the clipboard (one page at a time)

BuildDocs1.2.Zip contains the project
BuildDocs.xml contains the documentation for this project.
A runnable jar (requires Java1.8 installed) is available from my Dropbox here.

Depends On:
Additional Info:

It will also work with XML files created for java libraries and Libraries compiled from B4x projects.

If you try it, please let me know how you get on and report any bugs.


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