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    Ryze/DJI Tello drone is a cheap drone (99$) - more info on https://www.ryzerobotics.com/tello

    Some of the interesting features are altitude stabilization, WIFI control - mobile app, camera image stabilization, etc and, of course, control the drone thanks to the IOS/Android app, Droneblocks and public SDK that Ryze have provided (https://dl-cdn.ryzerobotics.com/downloads/tello/0228/Tello+SDK+Readme.pdf).

    tello drone.png

    The community is providing access to control Tello drones via Phyton, Javascript (Tello.js), C++, Gobot, etc..(look at https://tellopilots.com ) Although the SDK covers many actions/commands on Tello drone, there're also some libraries to access actions/parameters/commands that public SDK don't provide (like video stream, etc.. as people have decompiled the Android APK and sniffed the UDP message traffic between mobile and the drone) - https://bitbucket.org/PingguSoft/pytello/src

    I've adapted the SDK access to B4X, simply by accessing the Tello drone (via WIFI connection) via UDP to the drone IP ( , port 8889 and sending the commands included at SDK doc.Actually is out of my scope to adapt the full access phyton code to B4X and have the chance to get the video stream into a view, even adapt some OpenCV code to provide other facilities like follow me mode, hacking the altitude limit - hacked already-, etc.... So if someone gets this drone, this post can serve as info repository.

    I hope you'd enjoy this drone as much I'm enjoying this little beast.

    EDIT: 13/05/2018 ---> Attached the B4J program with the Tello Class inside (valid to B4J/B4A/B4i) and a video demo.


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  2. TnP

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    Ooh nice to see this here! I've been following the various threads on TelloPilots and hoping to get time to port some of the Python code to B4A but I've nothing to contribute yet sadly.
    It's a great little drone for the price and I think the Open Source community will make it even better!
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  3. demasi

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    Gread Job! I tried with my Tello, worked very well, and open a new world of possibilities.
    Thank you for your work.
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