Share My Creation [B4X] TextEditor - Save and load external files.

Welcome to the Forum!
I would like to share my modest contribution today
in the Android Text Editor (based on Erel's sources available).

TextEditor ver. RS0.1 (see: download dropbox)

Since I noticed the interest in the forum,
the matter of counting lines of text in objects of type (EditText or B4XFloatTextField),
I decided to act. And here is the effect of my work :


My idea is not grandiose because small suggestions on this matter can be found
on the forum. My method is based on a long panel in which I have placed two EditText and B4XFloatTextField objects.
When editing a field from the B4XFloatTextField object in the EditText object, the number of lines is counted.

So far, I haven't played any software for other systems than Android.
I am accepting my own version of the Text Editor as open for testing purposes for anyone interested.



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