B4J Library [B4X] X2 / XUI2D (Box2D) - Game engine

XUI2D is a wrapper for jbox2d engine: https://github.com/jbox2d/jbox2d
License: https://github.com/jbox2d/jbox2d/blob/master/LICENSE
iXUI2D is a wrapper for Box2D: http://box2d.org/

XUI2D and iXUI2D share the same API and together with BitmapCreator, XUI library and the X2 library they allow to build cross platform games.

Installation instructions:

Requires B4J v7.0+, B4A v8.8+ and B4i (v5.5+).

Download X2.b4xlib (this is a cross platform library) and copy it to the additional libraries folder.

Current versions:

- BitmapCreator - latest version is preinstalled.
- XUI2D - latest version is preinstalled.
- X2 - v1.22

Start here: [XUI2D] Example Pack


V1.23 - Custom transparent colors of tile sets are respected:


V1.22 -You can add X2SkipLogs as a conditional symbol (Ctrl + B) to remove the most frequent log messages.
V1.21 - Fixes an issue where drawings will not be resumed after the game was paused.


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