Android Question B4XComboBox in StateManager class


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Hi, All

Sub innerSaveState(v As View, list1 As List)
    Dim data() As Object
    If v Is EditText Then
        Dim edit As EditText
        edit = v
        data = Array As Object(edit.Text, edit.SelectionStart)
    Else If v Is Spinner Then
        Dim spinner1 As Spinner
        spinner1 = v
        data = Array As Object(spinner1.SelectedIndex)
    Else If v Is B4XComboBox Then
        Dim B4XView As B4XComboBox
        B4XView = v      ' HERE IDE SHOWS ERROR: Types do not match
        data = Array As Object(B4XView.SelectedIndex)
How to fix ?



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Erel, you are again right :)
During making a small project i have found that the SaveState module works with B4Xcombobox OK with no changes.
So, my project mistake was proved :)

Debug algorithm is the same any time ;)