Tool B4Xgoodies: a maintained library/class/code module/... inventory (last updated 2024-07-20)

The workbook (even when zipped) has grown over 512kb and can't be uploaded to the forum any longer; use
- the dropbox download link (the same one that's used by @inakigarm's B4J program - see post #25) instead: (Note: this link was changed on 2022-07-24 after a Dropbox issue that lost the original one - thanks to @AnandGupta for raising the issue)
- and/or the online version that @AnandGupta created:

Hi all,

I, like many others in the forum, wanted to know what the most recent versions are of the non-core libraries I'm using in my apps, without having to resort to manually checking these libraries' forum posts to check their versions. Eventually I took things a step further and thought I'd create an inventory of all the excellent stuff that's being provided by the community, in a sustainable and easily maintainable way (i.e. with minimal manual effort). Enter B4Agoodies, an Excel workbook.

The 'Info' worksheet provides a high-level explanation on what it does.

The inventory contains the following columns:
- B4what: the tool to which the entry relates
- Type: the type of object (presently: libraries, snippets, code modules, classes, icons, and the ominous 'other')
- Category: a categorisation for the object (feel free to suggest more appropriate values where needed)
- Name: the name of the object (e.g. library name)
- Author / owner: the forum nick of the creator or the current owner, if ownership has been transferred
- Latest version: a version number or date (if no number was available in the first post of the thread where the object is found; the date is then the latest update date for that first post)
- License: the license that applies to the object
- Description: guess :)
- Forum thread's (or other) URL: the webpage where the object is described and from which the most recent version data will be fetched from the first post

I intend to update this every week. I keep an eye on forum posts announcing new libraries and library updates, which will then be added. If you'd notice errors or objects that could/should be added, give me a shout.

EDIT 2024-05-24: an additional download link for the csv file that will be published as of now:
- b4xgoodies.csv:

EDIT 2022-07-24: these are direct download links to the published files:
- b4xgoodies.html:
- B4Xgoodies.xlsm:
- version.txt:

Last but perhaps not least: use worksheet 'My Projects' to list your own projects' .b4a files and, if desired/applicable, your Additional Libraries folder. Click the 'Check them' button and in worksheet 'My projects' libraries' you'll find an overview of the libraries used by your projects, these libraries' latest version according to the 'B4Agoodies' worksheet, and your version (if you specified a value for your Additional Libraries folder). In Excel, macros must be enabled for the workbook to make this work; you can examine the code in the VBA IDE (Alt-F11 takes you there).



Last updated: see thread title
New as of 2019-08-05: columns 'Att 1' to 'Att 5' with the URLs of the first 5 attachments from the first post of each thread
New as of 2017-10-24: column 'Tags from thread title'
See post #25 for @inakigarm's B4J program if you prefer not to use Excel/LibreOffice/... !
Also available online as a Google Sheet (thank you @AnandGupta ); see
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