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Hi all,
in 2020 (many different density and resoution) which is the best approach in order to keep the correct aspect ratio of images within a mobile app ?

From my experience on images (in this case startup screen logo) there are usually 3 strategies that can be adopted (in native apps in portrait mode):

1) single high resolution image for all smartphone screens
ADVANTAGES: simplicity of management
DISADVANTAGES: Some images may lose aspect ratio with some screens

2) compromise that fills the image with side bands (eg when the screen width is greater than the image width).
ADVANTAGES: allows you to keep the aspect ratio for all screens
DISADVANTAGES: requires a compromise on color filler bars and images + you have to implement custom source code and manage it

3) Implement a native multi-screen strategy for the Android platform and the iOS platform (iPhone)
ADVANTAGES: the os selects the correct image (resolution and aspect ratio) for the screen on which the app is opening
DISADVANTAGES: There must be a person (ex. A graphic designer) who provides the 4 variants of images in the correct format to be able to set them in the Android and iPhone app
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