Android Question B4XPreferenceDialog - compilation error


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I tried to use the examples under this interesting library - though I got:
B4A Version: 9.30
Java Version: 11
Parsing code.    (0.71s)
Building folders structure.    (0.78s)
Compiling code.    (0.38s)
Compiling layouts code.    (0.02s)
Organizing libraries.    (0.01s)
   (AndroidX SDK)
Generating R file.    (2.93s)
Compiling generated Java code.    (40.76s)
Convert byte code - optimized dex.    (33.94s)
   Optimized dexer failed. Switching to Standard dexer.
Packaging files.    Error
..\Files\Dialog.css: error: File is case-insensitive equivalent to: b4xlibs\Files\dialog.css

AAPT path: C:\android\tools\..\build-tools\27.0.1\aapt.exe
Exit code:1

This happens even I updated the AVG Manager to version 28

Some ideas what happened here ?

Thanks, Chris


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Thanks for the help Erel - this example causes the error during compilation as shown above.
Increasing MaxRamForDex to 4096 does not change anything.

In B4J (v. 7.5) everything works fine, using the same java version 11.

It seems to have something to do with this dialog.css file in the library ... does nobody else get a problem like this ?

Greetings, Chris
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Stupid me - yes, the file dialog.css caused the error, strange because it did not appear in the file list in B4A.
It seems it belongs to the B4J example.
Thanks Erel !
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