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star zhang

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I contact B4A about several day,I find it is interesting really. I am very glad to meet everyone here!
I have a little doubt about the icon that apply the photo table after i installed the apk .I follow the guide and set the project icon in the project icon setting, but after i change the icon ,the icon behave strange, it often disappear on the photo. I had check the apk package file,find the icon is the default android icon,and my change did not act.
I will be very grateful if anyone can help☺

Semen Matusovskiy

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This discussed a lot of times. If you will search a forum, you will find two ways:

1) to make an icon "read-only" (you can find it in <Project folder>\Objects\res\drawable);

2) to hold own resources outside Objects subfolder. For example, create subfolder MyResources inside project folder and add a line #AdditionalRes: ../MyResources in Main activity. Place your icon into MyResources\drawable subfolder.

Note, better to generate a series of icons (depends of resolution). To do this is very useful. But this is a separate question.
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star zhang

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thank a lot for your kindness,Erel and Seman.I had been a tough period of times recent two months for go to a new place and find a new job,and had not enough time to play b4a.
It seems Erel's opion is right.I trid yesterday and I acted like Erel had said.
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