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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has a Note4 ?

I have a customer who has my app and my app will allow you to open multiple activity's but he said he can't go back to the previous activity.

I told him to press the back button down the bottom (next to the home button) but he said that the Note 4 doesn't have the back button.

He said the back button on note 4 is now close all apps button.

Does anyone have a note 4 that can confirm this ?

Is Android now starting to remove the back button from it's OS or is it something that Samsung are doing now with there new OS releases ?


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i dont have a Note4 (Just the Note 3):
Maybe this can help?


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Hi aaronk. I have a Note4. I can confirm that on my UK device it DOES still have a back button to the right of the home key.

The left hand soft key opens the Active Applications list. On older devices this used to be the Menu key.

Let me know if you need any further information.