B4J Question BANanoPDFMake and BANanoPDFView in the same B4J project


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Hi guys, I'm trying to use the both libraries (BANanoPDFMake and BANanoPDFView) in the same project, but when I tried to declare the both, the attached error shown to me, how can I setup and use the both libraries correctly in the same project?

Thanks in advance!


Paulo Bueno


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Hi I will check this and revert back.

Hi, first of all, I'd like to thank you for your work with BANanowebix and other developments...

So, I think that I could identify the issue, the PDFmake library have a property called PDFView, when this is used in the same project with the PDFView library, we have a name conflict there... So, I solved this changing the name of the PDFView property inside BANanoPDFMake project, like PDFView1, and then I generated the library again... and works...
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