B4J Question [BananoServer] [Banano] Issues in New Version 7.35


I just updated to the new Banano/BananoServer version 7.35 (thank you Alain Bailleul).

I am a BananoServer user and I noted the following in the new version:

1) In the new BananoServer version, I must add the following additional jars to make it work (even if I do not use HikariCP): bcprov-jdk15on-154, HikariCP-5.0.0.jar, slf4j-api-1.7.32, slf4j-simple-1.7.32.jar. Please consider allowing us not to include these additional jars if we do not need them for our project (unless there is something we do not know about the new requirements of BananoServer).

2) When trying to compile using the BananoServer Remove Dead Code transpiler option, I see the following message in the B4J console: "RemoveDeadCode ignored. Is not yet implemented for BuildForServer". Will all the Transpiler Options, including RemoveDeadCode, be implemented in the new BananoServer version soon?

Thank you.