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Hi there


We want to make creating WebApps with BVAD3 easy and enjoyable, please tell us how, it matters.

If you have had the pleasure to work with BANanoVuetifyAD3, surely you have picked up how easy at times it is to use and probably enjoying using it. Yes its massive and the property bags rather large, but then you might have picked up the following:

1. The ease of completing some tasks.
2. The difficulties in understanding some concepts and applying them.
3. Lack of documentation
4. You abandoned it because you could not use it.
5. The impact of the now "hidden" BindState/BindVueElement on your creations and how it makes the experience more like homely b4a, b4j and b4i now
6. Any other issues and areas of improvement ie. constructive criticism.

In an attempt to bring you an enjoyable experience in creating your web apps, please tell us, how can we make it even a far reaching experience. Something you want to continue exploring?

Please pm me your response...

Beginning BVAD3 WebApps?

For someone not having had started, BVAD3, if you could spend 10 minutes just watching this video, would it make sense? What could be changed and made better? Please note the "BindState" part of the video is no longer relevant. We will do an updated video soon.

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First part of video has very small text and unreadable. When IDE is launched - one can follow with no problem.
As an ABM groupie, I am reluctant (scared) to go down a BANano road. Scares the hell out of me having to write HTML code - or even trying to read it.
When ABM came along, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Am I so jaded (and dumb) that I cannot learn this?
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Thanks Harris for your comments, greatly noted and appreciated. If I may...

First part of video has very small text and unreadable.
We will do our best and improve on this.

BTW yesterday we created and released 2 videos, 1 for Getting Started and another on Basics of creating a Single Page Application. These are introductory videos to boot-strap anyone on their BANanoVuetify journey.

Scares the hell out of me having to write HTML code
With BANanoVuetifyAD3, you don't have to write any HTML, CSS or JavaScript. You just drag and drop custom view components on the abstract designer, generate members, write b4x code for click, change (other events) and you are good to go. This is just like how one creates b4a, b4i and b4j projects. BANano has been created with an awesome abstract designer support. Thanks to Alain. Its brilliant!

Am I so jaded (and dumb) that I cannot learn this?
From experience, we as humans are usually scared of new things. I too was going through the same feelings with B4J, then BANano, then I started using them and have never turned back. ABM is awesome, i'm still running projects built with it today.

And yes me, being adventurous, did a BANano wrap of MaterializeCSS called UOE. The PhotoNinja example here is done with it. UOE however does not use an abstract designer as that was not available then I think.

Anyway, I understand now that a new crew has forked MateralizeCSS and is enhancing it due to lack of maintenance from the original creators. That's good as its an awesome framework. Actually John, the creator of Vuetify, which is what BANanoVuetifyAD3 is based on, started with a wrap of Materialize using VueJS and then decided to start a new project. Its an amazing story.

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