German BANNED: Meine Gedankenleser.apk im Market


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Gedankenleser (Free) : :sign0079: ... sagt Google zu meiner Gedankenleser App.

Hier meine kleine Geschichte:

Gestern hab ich wie wild dran gearbeitet die App in den Market zu bekommen.
Hat auch geklappt. Um 22 Uhr war sie drin.
Dann heut um 8.21 Uhr diese Mail von Google:

This is a notification that the application, Gedankenleser (FREE) with package ID Pruritusforschung.Gedankenleser has been removed from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy. Please review the Content Policies and Business and Program Policies before you create or upload additional applications. Note that repeated violations may result in a suspension of your Android Market Publisher account.

For more information, or to contact us, please reply to this email, or visit the Android Market Help Center.


The Android Market Team

Ich also schnell in den Market.
Und was sehe ich:

78 User haben die App runtergeladen.
Weltweit und in genau 10h und 21 min.
Bildschirmtrophäen anbei. :)
Ich gleich durch Netz gesaust um noch nen paar Screenshots anderer Marketseiten zu machen.
Man hat ja nicht jeden Tag ne App im Market die gleich wieder rausfliegt... :)

Dann schreib ich mal an der nächsten....
Diese werde ich nicht ändern.
Juckreiz an Bildern mit schwarzen Balken zu erläutern ist dann doch zu abwegig und ungenau.

Kennt jemand Android Markets die es nicht so genau nehmen mit "Nacktheit"?

lg Frank


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Moin Frank,

wenn Du die genitalien und den busen bei der weiblichen grafik abdeckst, fliegt die app nicht aus dem market. Die amis sind zu prüde. Ansonsten eine gelungene app.



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Juckreiz an Eichel, Schaft oder Hoden unterscheidet sich aber...
Wenn ich das alles abdecke wie soll man unterscheiden?
Mit Text?

Ich denk mal drüber nach.
Eine Warnung vor "Nacktheit" ist mir lieber :)

Danke für das Lob, ich reiche mal 50 Prozent davon weiter an Klaus :)

In English, what does your app do?

Hier mein englisch Buch-Werbetext vielleicht hilft das weiter:

The emergence of pain and illness by the thoughts of other humans

Pain of any kind is unpleasant. Mostly however physicians can the cause locate and also treat. But which, if no reason can be found? Can pain be also only fancy? And which role do humans and things in the direct living environment of the concerning play?

Questions to this kind it concerns in the extended new edition of \"The Thought Reader \". The author, since 1996 autodidactically in the pain research actively, concerns itself in detail with the causes of pain symptoms. It concentrates in particular on the ranges outside of the school medicine. Here it lights up interesting aspects and procedures in the interhuman spectrum. Its core thesis: Fellow men can have direct influence on the convalescence of the pain patient. Positively as also negative.

Its considerations are not by any means far fetched: Long scientists in the area of the recognized Parapsychologie research proved that by mental concentration subject can be beinflusst - although also only within limits. In the long run however probably each already completely own unexplainable experiences with human meetings made. For example, if a person is consciously looked at, these suddenly the head lifts and aimed answered the view. From where did she know at first attempt, by whom from the quantity she was angestarrt in such a way? Did a kind unconscious energy flow here, which had direct physical effects? The author sets exactly at this point and follows to the theory that also pain could be caused by mental messages. This realization is only too consistent and Albrecht explains the possible connections.

The books are in German language.

lg Frank