Basic4ppc Lite ?


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People who are not willing to pay 39$ will not pay 19$ too.


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I don't agree with Stbl, in fact i think the oposite;
if some one is willing to pay 19$ for a lite I think they should'n have any problem paying the 39$ for the complete package...
A lite version would be great as an apetizer...


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Yes great Idea!, but you can also consider to create a pack for upgrade from basic version to Enterprise.

and of course
lite to basic (special price)
basic to enterprise (special price)

So people can try and upgrade there version which they have bought
in the past.



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I think that it's a great idea, but the upgrade path is a must. I'm certain that once people have played with a Lite version they will be eager to upgrade.

I only wish I had bought the enterprise version first off, but at the time I purchased B4PPC it was still short of many of the libraries that it now has and I wasn't sure how well it would be supported. If only I knew then what I know now!!!!

Keep up the good work Erel, B4PPC is GREAT :sign0098:


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I'm not sure if the light version is really an appetizer because the trail version on the desktop is not time or function limited (except the compile opton).
So those trail users have enough time to proof the possibilities of basic4ppc.

In spite of that the light version maybe useful for all those people just looking after a small and cheap development platform for the ppc, because the are thinking to write only one or two small applications.

I personally think that 39$ is really cheap, too. E.g. "NS Basic" costs 149,95$ :sign0137:



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How about:
B4PPC trial: No dll support, No compile exe. 30 day trial. Free
B4PPC Lite: No compile exe. 1 year licence and upgrade. $19
B4PPC Standard: dll support, compile exe. 1 year licence and upgrade. $39
B4PPC Enterprise: dll support, compile exe. Lifetime licence and upgrade. $79

If this was the original option presented to me I would have tried the free version and gone to Standard. $19 is not a lot for small apps not requiring serial, gps etc.

The entire Free version design enviroment was a big wow for me.
Was like VBasic for a ppc.

Erel :sign0188:, I appreciate you deserve to be paid for the work and support you give/do. A fair system like above, might be the way forward.

Just my penneth. (That's Boza slang for 'my say' :) ,don't ask:sign0060:)


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IMHO, if you're looking toward a lite version you ought to pick your target market & work back from there to the features offered...

I think you're looking at the "home coder with a few small apps for personal/limited distribution in mind".

As such $/£ translate into:
  • Ability to create .exe
  • Ongoing support for this level of license
  • Year's upgrade of B4P Lite
Things that aren't needed:
  • dll support (this is more an incentive than a not needed)
  • SQL support

It may be more useful for other people to add to / subtract from this list.

FWIW I could have started coding my current project with such a lite version of B4P, but I'd still have paid the extra for the graphics dll options I'm actually using.


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Hi Erel,
I see no risk for you in marketing B4P-Lite with compile exe.
You could sell single libraries or logical sets (such as gps.dll + serial.dll) to those who will be missing libraries. This will allow Lite users to add only those DLLs they actually need without paying for overheads.
The sum of prices for Lite plus all individual DLLs should slighly exceed 39 bucks to wet appetite for the standard version.


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I have all the ppc developement tools and Basic4ppc is the easiet to use and the price $39 is cheap enough, I used NSbasic, Pocketc, CE, and others I can't think of now. I have purchased Basic4ppc twice to support it and in another year if I'm still using it I will buy it again to help support it and this forum. The only thing I would like to see added is on the device location of controls(and size)
I have used all languges on the pc and find B4ppc the easiest, and have been able to do whatever I wanted.
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Erel, are you still thinking on Basic4PPC Lite for small developers?