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Eme Fibonacci

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I'm doing a simple robotic line follower with arduino and B4R.

I use a 9v battery for arduino and 4 rechargeable AA batteries for two DC motors.
In the design has a bridge l298n.
It seems that there is a problem of low amperage the car looks heavy.
What would be a good battery to use in robotics projects?


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One important thing you should consider about Li-ion batteries, they should be well controlled to avoid over discharge and high current drain, otherwise they may cause serious damage. You may use one of those cell phone power banks, they include charge,discharge and step up circuitry in one package for reasonable price. I don't think supplying 5V to 6V-motor will affect performance, so you have one power supply for them all.
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Instead of two power supplies you can have a single battery of multiple Li-ion cells (3.7V ,3300mAh each). You can then step up 3.7V to 5V for arduino and another step up converter to generate 6V for motors.
Advantage is that the weight reduces as step up modules are light ( and cheap too)
I have used this module:
Both Arduino and motors will be happy with two like batteries in series, providing 7+ volt and you don't need the converters.
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