Android Question Beginner's question: Layout animation that persists!


Could someone tell me how to eliminate the animations when changing activities within the same B4A App.
Before writing this post, as I'm beginner, I read again and again the documentation, to fully understand that the parameter delay.animation need to be null in the designer.

I have 3 activities, the first one allows to switch to the 2 others and from the 2 others, I come back to the first one. Each one has its parameter delay.animation=0 in the designer.

I switch from the Main activity to the others with a [startActivity(activity_XX)] and then I come back with an [activity_XX.finish].

I would like to see the layout of the activity appear, without seeing it dragged from the bottom to the top or from the right to the left.

Could you tell me what I forgot to do to achieve this?

Thank you in advance.
Sorry about my lack of precision, delay.animation are all of them set to 0 (not to null
So do I understand that there is 2 types of animation, layout ones ant activities ones ??
I check the documentation waiting for your kindly answer.
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