B4J Question Benefits of the two versions Java 11.x or Java 8.x


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Hi All,

Has anyone did a quickie comparison between which of the two java sdk's is preferred for what purpose functionality or efficiency wise not license wise. It would be most helpful depending on my App capabilities I would hope.


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I recommend using OpenJDK 11 (download from: https://www.b4x.com/b4j.html).
No need to create an Oracle account, it is newer, and it is compatible with B4J Packager 11 which is better than Oracle packager tool (wrapped by the old B4J Packager).

There is one advantage to Java 8, which is the support for executable jars. This is especially useful for small utilities.
It would be nice if you added that message HERE

I downloaded 8.5 specifically for the simplified standalone package compile and got that error message. I have spent a day trying to sort out what I need to do. No more 32 bit? I had no idea, had to research that. Java 11? Why did updating to the latest Java version not do it? Oh it's not Java, it's the JDK. etc. Please remember some of us don't have the capacity or time to keep up with all of this stuff. We are just trying to write programs.

On the plus side I love the B4X upgrades. They are ALWAYS simple, fast, and reliable. Thank you for a great job.
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