Android Question Best practice for developing B4A & B4i at the same time

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Scott Bartgis, May 13, 2015.

  1. Scott Bartgis

    Scott Bartgis Member Licensed User

    I'm looking to see if anyone has any steps, ideas, or thoughts when it comes to dual-developing an app in B4A and B4i at the same time. Besides the layout designer differences and some types, what is the best way to layout the folders?

    I typically do B4i apps in one folder and B4A apps in another. It seems to me that if I did the B4A and B4i app in the SAME folder, I would be able to maintain the reusable modules. A lot of the code modules are shared between them, but it is not easy to maintain when they are separate since the Add Existing Module will copy it.

    I have no problem reading through #If B4A and #If B4i where it is needed. Plus, I've abstracted common things like HUD.ToastMessageShow and ToastMessageShow to a Common.ToastMessageShow(message, longduration) which has the #If B4x differences.
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  2. Erel

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