Wish better content tree behaviour (send back/front annoyance)


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Hello Erel and colleagues,

First of all I thought I pointed some of this already 1 or 2 years ago but I couldn't find back the post to verify this.

The content tree really need some improvements.

When you have lets say 15 items in a panel and you want to move item at depth/order/z-position 7 to position 8 you need to do like 8+ moves to get the right result and keeping the order of the rest.

It would be something like this

7 to front
9 to front
10 to front
11 to front
12 to front
13 to front
14 to front
15 to front

1 wrong step and you can start all over again.

Is it possible to make this just drag and drop to reorder the items?

it could also use right a click event on panels/activities to add new items to the selected parent.
now we need to move to the top menu or visual tool to add it and then we need to change the parent again in the added item properties.


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or add 2 items to the context menu so that you have

^ move to front
^ move up (1 position)
v move down (1 position)
v move to back