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I've been working with some BLE modules that provide UART services. The first one was easy - there was a characteristic on which data was available, and setting notification on that raised an event correctly.

I'm now using a Microchip RN4020, which has a UART mode they call MLDP. It should do the same thing but setting notification the characteristic doesn't alert me.

Instead, apparently, I have to write to the Gatt Client Content Configuration Descriptor, 0x2902.

This doesn't appear listed in the characteristics or services. The thread at comes tantalisingly close to offering a solution, but I can't for the life of me see how I update this descriptor. Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Put Claude

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;Send cmd+CR+LF
;------example to start ---------------
;Here's my RN4020 setup, this works

SF,2 ;// factory default
R,1 ;// reboot
sn,MY_4020 ;//set the BT-name for the device again.
R,1 ;// reboot
//SP,7 ;// power to the max, no need
SR,32000800 ;// auto advertise, enb mldp, peripheral,
;// cts/rts, mldp after connect, NO-IOS.
R,1 ;// reboot
ST,0064,0002,0064 ;// setup IOS required timing
R,1 ;// reboot
Can send/receive messages between Android device and PC-serial-terminal or MCU with soft-UART. Works very very well. Use it to cmd the MCU or terminal to do something and sens me messages and values...
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