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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Blueforcer, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Blueforcer

    Blueforcer Active Member Licensed User


    im trying to read some values from our Pool-Messurement system.
    For testing purpose the system sends every 1sec the same string.

    i have set the notify via
    after this the DataAvailable event raise every second. So far so good.
    but now i have problems to read the strings.

    in DataAvailable my code is:
    Sub DataAvailable (Service As String, Characteristics As Map)
    Log("Value: " & Characteristics.GetValueAt(0))
    End Sub
    but there are different values and not the same as it should be
    Found: RN42N-A63B, D8:80:39:F0:F6:5B, RSSI = -57, (MyMap) {1=[B@2fa92978, 9=[B@207968510=[B@112048b6}
    Discovering services.
    Setting descriptor. Success = true
    writing descriptor: true
    Value: [B@13aa99b7
    Value: [B@35036524
    Value: [B@391b388d
    Value: [B@25e03a42
    Value: [B@3451a53
    Value: [B@21a3af90
    Value: [B@b8fd089
    Value: [B@10bbb88e
    Value: [B@1dfd08af
    Value: [B@3bc34bc
    Value: [B@349bec45
    Value: [B@2abecf9a
    Value: [B@19b80cb
    Value: [B@3875e0a8
    Value: [B@1e9407c1
    Value: [B@1faa4b66
    Value: [B@155f5ea7
    Value: [B@49c5f54
    Value: [B@2a985efd
    Value: [B@47fb7f2
    What is wrong? is there a other way to read the values in this Characteristic as strings?
  2. Blueforcer

    Blueforcer Active Member Licensed User

    nevermind :(

    with this code it works!
    For i = 0 To Characteristics.Size - 1
    Dim data1() As Byte =  Characteristics.GetValueAt(i)
  3. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Note that you cannot treat raw bytes as a string unless the data is actually a string (text).

    Otherwise you can print it with bc.HexFromBytes.
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