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Hello as from the object, I am using the example BLEExample, to pair my android tablet with android 11, and my phone with android 10, if I try to search for my phone I can only connect to my neighbor's television and not to the phone a few centimeters, I attach photos. My intent is to receive via bluetooth the battery level and the Lte level of the connected phone, If I try with the bluetoothchat example I can find my phone but clearly it stops when looking for the other apk on the phone. Thanks in advance for the help


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Your Device is a BLE-DEVICE? I fear it is not. It can connect to a BLE Device but it is not a BLE-Device.

Try to use Bluetooth instead to pair them and to communicate.

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Thanks DonManfred, for the help I tried the bluetooth chat example but when you get to the point 'Wait For Serial_Connected' and it should connect to my Mac, the error returns: ' Not Connected: read failed, socket might closed or timeout, read ret: -1 'so I can't pair
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