Block commenting


One of my favorite features of the PureBasic IDE is that I can do block commenting on a selection.

For example, if I select a few lines of code I can hit Ctrl-B and a comment character will be added to the front of each line. If I hit Alt-B the comments are removed for whatever lines I have selected.

I think someone mentioned on another forum that Visual Studio can do this as well.


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It is
- stop typing with your right (or left ;)) hand
- moving your hand to the mouse
- stop typing with the other hand, because moving one hand to the mouse and typing with the other is very difficult...
- moving the mouse to realize where the cursor remains on your monitor
- moving the mouse to the icon
- and now "just the click"
- moving the hand back to the keyboard
- start typing again

Because of this I renew my wishlist I posted some time ago: