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Hi guys,

I decided to post the source code for a simple block stacking game I've written using the libGDX library
IT uses the shaperenderer to draw the blocks and stack, this isn't the best way of doing it as I've read that the shape renderer batch is not the fastest, but it seems to work fine for my game. It's a simple 2D version of Stack by Ketchapp.

It's very simple so I thought it might help people to learn basic libgdx commands easier.

Here's the store link for anyone who just wants to try it:


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Great! Thank you very much for the code, it will help people to understand how a complete game is made
About the shaperenderer, I think it could be dangerous if you draw a lot of primitives, but I've tested the game on various devices and it runs smooth in all of them, even in the old ones.
And these kind of games are simple but addictive, so I think they can do a good job in the store with some polishing (sound, online scoreboard, some animations here and there...)
Great work!