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Hi everyone,
This is my second App I have created with B4A which is online now on the Play Store.
Blue Tiles - Don't Tap White is as the name suggests a clone of the very popular app Don't Tap The White Tile, but it has some extra features like doubleTap-Tiles.

I would really appreciate if you could test this app and give me some feedback. Thanks!

My Name is Magnus Gärtner, I am a 17 year old student from Germany and i like to create apps in B4A. For now, a friend of mine and I have created Tap'n Flap! and Blue Tiles - Don't Tap White. Now we are working on our third app with our own game idea, which we will publish in one or two weeks.

Blue Tiles - Don't Tap White

Tap'n Flap!


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Magnus Gärtner

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For Tap'n Flap im using GameView lib and Blue Tiles is done with AcceleratedSurface, but i prefer AcceleratedSurface. As i wrote Tap'n Flap i didn't know that there is a lib like Accelerated surface, if i had i would have used it for Tap'n Flap too. ;)