Bluetooth Range Test program.

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    This program allows you to test the Bluetooth communication range
    between your PDA and your embedded Bluetooth module. To run the
    test you will need to connect the TX line up to the RX line on your
    embedded Bluetooth module to setup a Loop-Back path between
    your PDA and embedded Bluetooth module.

    Your PDA will transmit a series of characters to your embedded Bluetooth
    module and these characters will be looped back around to your PDA.

    Your PDA will verify that the character it has just transmitted is the same
    as the character that it has just received. This is the "IN RANGE" condition.

    If the PDA can not verify the characters, then an "OUT OF RANGE" condition.

    This program allows you to put your embedded Bluetooth module in a fixed
    position and walk around with your PDA. You will be able to get an idea of
    how far away you can get before you loose communication with your
    embedded Bluetooth module.

    Open air, direct line-of-sight will give you the greatest range. If the signal
    has to travel through walls, furniture, appliances, etc... the range will
    probably not be as great as direct line-of-sight.

    The file "Range1.JPG" is a screenshot of the program.
    The file "Range2.JPG" is another screenshot of the program.
    The file "Range.sbp" is the Basic4ppc source code file.
    The file "" is the zipped up ARMV4 (.CAB) installation file.

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