Bluetooth Serial Port communication program for the PDA.

Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by pdablue, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. pdablue

    pdablue Active Member Licensed User


    This program allows you to transmit ASCII characters from your PDA
    to an external Bluetooth module. You can send one character at a time
    or you can create your own string of characters to be tranmitted.

    The program has buttons to support the individual transmission of both
    Upper case and Lower Case alphabetic characters ( A - Z ) and ( a - z ).

    The program has buttons to transmit the numeric characters ( 0 - 9 ).

    The program has buttons to transmit 24 special characters.

    You can create your own character strings by tapping the Stylus in the
    TX window to move the focus to the TX textbox and use the (S.I.P)
    Soft Input Panel keyboard to enter your text string, then press the
    "Send TX" button to transmit the entire string at once.

    I used the BlueSmiRF Bluetooth module in "Loop-Back" mode to test this program.
    "Loop-Back" mode is the TX line connected to the RX line, on the Bluetooth module.

    In the program "Bluetooth SPP", the Green textbox is the TX (transmit) window and the
    Yellow textbox is the RX (receive) window.

    The file "BSP3.JPG" is the screenshot view of the program.
    The file "Bluesp3.sbp" is the Basic4ppc source code for the program.
    The file "" is the zipped up ARMV4 (.CAB) installation file.

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  2. taximania

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    You don't need seperate subs for every button.

    Do a search of the help file for the 'Control' keyword.
    I'll try to knock up a quick example of what i'm on about.
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  3. taximania

    taximania Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Here's a taster. Name all your Buttons - Button1, Button2, Button3 etc.
    Add a click event for each button as shown here.
    For a = 1 To [U][I]number of buttons[/I][/U]
    "Button" & a,Click, "Btn_Click")
    Next a
    Your single Button click sub is as below.
    Sub Btn_Click
    End Sub
    variable 'a' now holds the 'text' of the button that was clicked.

    By using the 'Control' keyword you can access other properties from
    the Button eg:
    Control("Button" & x).Text="Hi"
    This would alter the text of Button10 to 'Hi'

    Hope I've made sense here ;-)
  4. pdablue

    pdablue Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks for the programming tips.

    I will have to try some of these out and see how they work.
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