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testing the BMP180 connected to a NodeMCU, results in wrong values, e.g. T=143, P=-1334.
Same results with an ESPDuino.

Lookup the internet and found an updated version of the SFE_BMP180 library (see attached v1.1.2).
Tested this library with an Arduino sketch on the ESPDuino = working fine.

When using the updated h and cpp file with the version 1 of the rSFE_BMP180 lib, following error occurs - there is a change in pointer for the GetPressure function.

Request: would it be possible to update rSFE_BMP180 lib?

B4R version: 1.50 BETA #1
Compiling & deploying Ino project (ESPDuino (ESP-13 Module) - COM5)    Error

sketch\rSFE_BMP180.cpp: In member function 'bool B4R::B4RSFE_BMP180::GetPressure(Int, Double)':
rSFE_BMP180.cpp:18: error: no matching function for call to 'SFE_BMP180::getPressure(double&, Double&)'
   return SFEBMP180.getPressure(LastResult, LastTemperatureRead);
sketch\rSFE_BMP180.cpp:18:63: note: candidate is:
In file included from sketch\rSFE_BMP180.h:3:0,
                 from sketch\B4RDefines.h:24,
                 from sketch\rSFE_BMP180.cpp:1:
sketch\SFE_BMP180.h:52:8: note: char SFE_BMP180::getPressure(double&, double&)
   char getPressure(double &P, double &T);
sketch\SFE_BMP180.h:52:8: note:   no known conversion for argument 2 from 'Double {aka float}' to 'double&'
exit status 1
no matching function for call to 'SFE_BMP180::getPressure(double&, Double&)'


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Was using v1.0 of the lib. Upgraded to v1.10 and working fine.

Thanks for pointing to the improved lib ... now ready to build my first standalone ESP8266 webserver showing BMP180 data.
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