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I am an avid reader so I created a database of the books I read. I tried to make it as simple to follow as I could. I used Sqlite for the database, The blank table was created by Sqlite Database Browser which is free.

I used the new calendar date dialog just created by aad250. It is excellent and I thank him. I made a few minor changes to it. I found it a little easier to manipulate than the date dialog library.

As usual comments and bug reporting are welcome



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Hello Bazp,

A very nice one again :sign0060:

My HTC has a 320 x 480 screen, so there is quite some space left to stretch down the input screen and make the entry fields larger.
I already added a long click to the DatePicker's Next and Previous buttons to move 1 year.

Thanks for sharing,


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I made the screen purposely smaller so that the virtual keyboard would not cover up some of the input fields. Designing a screen can be tricky when you code for landscape and portrait. I also have physical keyboard which makes it easier for me.

I also added the long click for previous or next year. Very slick.

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