Android Question Bridge not connecting (alternating status in Windows)


I have just started with B4A - I guess this is something basic.

I have started B4A (Version 10.0), Tools>B4aBridge>Connect, where I can see my phone and its IP.
I select it.
The staus bar in windows app shows two different messages
- B4A-Bridge: Trying to connect... (for about 2 seconds)
- B4A-Bridge: Connected (for less than a second) and displaying the firs status

On the phone I have started the B4A bridge V2.62 application (installed a few moments before).
The screen shows My IP, which is the same as the one shown in B4A Windows app.
I press Start-
The status: Waiting for connections.

I can ping my phone from Windows (using PING)
I can ping Windows from my phone (using Fing)

I have also changed the order of starting the apps (first phone, first Windows) with no luck.

What to do ?


One instance only. Thanks for the hint.
I will retry with a different phone or tablet to see if the phone is the cause of the problem.

I will definitely try to use bridge, but if.. then I will have to use USB :(.
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Did you go into phone settings and select installation from unknown sources ... or something like that?
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Yes (installation from unknown sources), this should not be the reason because the Bridge application installed correctly and is running.
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I have disabled the firewall and anti-virus, but no luck. It does not connect for more than a fraction of a second (according to the status line in B4A on windows).

It seems that the problem is related to Windows B4A part, because neither phone nor tabled can connect.
In fact it is not that does not connect at all, but something drops the connection immediattely after it is connected.
This is a Win7 Pro machine.

I have also checked if B4A logs anything to DebugView (SysInternals), but it silent.

Is there a log that can be checked ?
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[SOLVED] somehow, in a way by itself

I do not know exactly what is the cause that it started connecting, but this is what I did (not sure about the sequence):
- connected USB cable (USB debugging on phone was enabled long time before I started with B4A)
- opened a new project (MyFirstProgram copied from the booklets ZIP)
- selected Project > Compile and Run

At a certain moment the phone asked for permission to install the 'B4A Designer' app.
After this completed, the bridge screen appeared on the phone with 'connected' symbol.

Now it connects to bridge via wireless without problems (phone and tablet).
I have not found a word about installing this app in the 'Getting started' manual.
Maybe I have missed it somewhere.

But it works. It had nothing to do with firewall or anti-virus.
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