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A simple calculator with the ability to change it's appearance either by selecting inbuilt backgrounds, buttons, displays etc. or by the user creating their own.

The source code is too large to upload here but a download link is below.

BrownPaper Source Code

Regards Roger

Edit 23 Aug 2015
Languages added to Talk function. See post bellow.

Edit 12 Apr 2015
A number of features added, Some bugs fixed, latest code downloadable from the above link.

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Roger Daley

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Latest code available for download.
Added features from SETTINGS menu:
Swap settings symbols for text labels that operate from long press on the keys below each lable
Swap Days function for X Squared function
Swap Banner for Edittext box. Text is assumed to be a name and is used in the voice greeting
Turn off/on voice greeting

This project started as a 4 function calculator to impress the grandchildren, since then I have used it as a test bed for any idea that came to mind. Subsequently it now has more bells and whistles than a party hire shop.
I hope that some bits of the code are of help to others starting out.

Regards Roger

Roger Daley

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BrownPaper Calculator has been updated on Play Store and the link above to the source code has also been updated.

This new version adds a choice of languages [including Klingon] to the TALK function. These language files can be exported/edited/imported.
Another bell, another whistle.

Regards Roger