B4J Question Buggy behavior of TreeTableView2ndExample [Closed unsolved]


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When scrolling by grabbing and moving the scrollbar, the 'folder' icons move left/right at the bottom edge of the display.
The icons do not move when using the scroll-step-up/down buttons.
This is the stock example, using B4J 8.90, and jdk-11.0.1.
Same behavior with debug vs release mode, or after cleaning the project.
W10 Pro, 64-bit. V 1909 build 18363.1500

On a second machine, I do not see this.
W10 Home, 64-bit. V 2004 build 19041.985 w/ Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0

In order to achieve upload, I zipped splitting into 400Kb sections, then renamed the files from ttv2e_behavior.zip.001 to .001.zip as the .001 - .003 wouldn't upload due to extension. To watch it, rename the files back, then use 7-zip to open the archive, and extract.


  • ttv2e_behavior.001.zip
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  • ttv2e_behavior.002.zip
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  • ttv2e_behavior.003.zip
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Not seeing this in a newly made app on the first machine. Leaving here to document in case it reproduces. Closing issue.
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