Android Question Button click does not trigger click event in B4i (MOVED TO B4i)


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I am in the process of porting a large B4A app over to B4i. All was going well and functioning until I converted a code module that adds a panel with buttons on the lower half of the screen. This panel and the buttons are created programmatically based on options the user picked earlier. A click on any of the buttons on this panel is captured and processed in the Main module.

The code module creates the panel and buttons just fine. But a click on buttons does not fire the button click event.

As a glimpse for this problem, this code module is called from main module by-

The Sub called starts in the code module with-
Sub Show(mp As cMenuPanel, Page1 As Page, Hint As String, Positive As String, Cancel As String) As String

Buttons in this sub are initialized individually after each has been defined in Dim statements such as-

The button event should be captured in the main module by sub-
Sub cMenuPanelBtn_click

End Sub

But no event is fired upon clicking any button. I have used debugging points and log statements and don’t see any even happening at the button click.

What could be missing? Appreciate any help in resolving it.

Please note that I don’t have the liberty of posting the project on the forum. Thank you.


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You have posted in the B4a forum... eventually someone will probably answer BUT you should post your B4I questions in the appropriate forum
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