Android Question Buttons disappear in dialog.showcustom


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I have encountered the situation of a user that sometimes when the dialog.showcustom is loaded, the "accept, negative, cancel" buttons do not appear

I have tried many times and I never get it to happen, and neither has any user reported a similar problem to me.

What I have noticed is that if I leave the app in the background, with the dialog.showcustom loaded, for x time, the buttons do not disappear but sometimes they do not respond.

Part of the code I use to launch the dialogshowcustom is this example:

Dim rs As ResumableSub = Dialog.ShowCustom(pnl, "acept", "negative", "cancel")
Dim dialogbutton_ok As B4XView = Dialog.GetButton(xui.DialogResponse_Positive)
        dialogbutton_ok.SetLayoutAnimated(0, (95%x/3)*2, dialogbutton_ok.Top, 95%x/3, dialogbutton_ok.HeiGHT)
Wait For (rs) Complete (res As Int)

This is the full screen with the buttons, and the screen that the user has reported to me