Cableguy received his first medal!


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I'm really happy to give Cableguy the "Contributors medal".
Cableguy is hanging in our forum right from the beginning and keeps helping other users.
Currently he is listed third in the number of posts with more than 1300 posts.
Last but not least, Cableguy has started with an important role of managing the additional libraries. And with productive users like agraham this is not an easy task :sign0188:


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Hi Paulo,

This is realy deserved, congratulations and please do continue.

Best regards.


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As I have replyed to EREL in his PM about this award being presented to me...

I would be lying if I said I was not a litle jealous at you guys for your awards, BUT I would also be lying If I sayd that I deserve this....
I think I joined this forum, still hosted by Geotrail (were are You man?), in v4 of basic4ppc...
I never stopped learning, and trying, most of the times just not succeding, to help others like me...
This forum has been, along with its users, more than a FRIEND to me, also a place were I can be "alone" with myself...And for this I THANK YOU ALL...

Sorry for the "speech", but being Portuguese, I have somewhat of a poetical vein, at times...


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This is a little late now but congratulations CableGuy, I think that it is well deserved mate. Your always offering advice and trying to better B4PPC with your ideas and even the odd library now and then :sign0188:

PS what has happened to GeoTrail :sign0163:



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I saw this post only now but I still want to let you know that he really deserves this medal. :sign0188:

congrat mate !!