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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dzt, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. dzt

    dzt Active Member Licensed User

    Hello Cableguy,

    Instead of all this "Sra da Hora, Porto, Portugal, Europe, Hearth, Milky Way, Known universe..." can you please provide just x,y and even z coordinates?

    I've just read an article about "Holographic Universe" theory...
  2. maXim

    maXim Active Member Licensed User

    Hi Dimitris,

    have You read something of Michael Talbot or/and Rudy Rucker? Mysticism and quantum mechanics, really fantastic and impressive! :SHOCKED:

    My generation is also grown with these myths that mix gladly the science with the fiction. Sometimes, thanks also to the technological evolution and the talent of great men, reality has been superior to the imagination furnishing so to the humanity new horizons. Who knows what it will happen tomorrow, in the future... (!?)

    The human mind is a wonderful thing but many people don't know to have this: a greater thing of the whole universe that surrounds them!

    At next experience...


    P.S. sorry for my English.
  3. alfcen

    alfcen Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Nice thought, Dimitris!!!
    'Sla de Hora' is roughly at lat 41.1841° and lon -8.65922°.
    Nearby Porto is famous for delicious Port Wine, lucky Cableguy :)
    Many years ago, back in Europe, I was a lover of Greek red wine, too.
    Still I am, but Greek wine is hardly available on this island.
    This universe is larger than I thought, but often it is better to wish for than to have.
  4. dzt

    dzt Active Member Licensed User

    I can send you some bottles if you wish:). I personally prefer the white wine.

    You have started your journey (I suspect it was a long one) on the earth from Germany? Correct?

    I will visit Berlin at 29th February 2008 for a few days. Any suggestions? An other German here?
  5. alfcen

    alfcen Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Yes, Dimitris, from Germany, but how could you know that? Are you peeking the German Forum? :)
    I haven't been to Germany for 11 years, in that I would be a lousy tourist guide, however, should once the wind take you across Asia, I will guide you through Okinawa. Please bring the wine then, it is too expensive to ship from Greece. The white wine is equally welcome :)
  6. dzt

    dzt Active Member Licensed User

    Of course! Thanks to system translation and ocasionally... thanks to wife

    Cableguy where are you?
  7. alfcen

    alfcen Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Haisai Dimitris! So that's the secret :)

    My wife (domestic government) is Japanese. She said she would support a Japanese B4PPC forum, under the condition that I translate all threads into Japanese (women!).

    Have you ever seen a decent typhoon? That thing is just coming about us:

    Okinawa is a good place to be, twisters, typhoons, earthquakes, hand-size spiders, poisonous snakes on land and in the Sea, you'll love it :)


  8. dzt

    dzt Active Member Licensed User

    :sign0137: OK, I finally decided to send you that wine...
  9. alfcen

    alfcen Well-Known Member Licensed User

    ...and blue skies, white beaches, emerald green sea, tropical drinks, beach girls, BBQ's, Japan's best beer...
  10. dzt

    dzt Active Member Licensed User

    Ciao Massimo,

    I'm Sorry for my delayed post.:)

    Although I have read much of science fiction literature (especially in the past), I like more the science part rather than the fiction part.
    And I always remain strongly opposite to metaphysical viewpoint of things.
    Science is more than enough to feed us with questions and make us to always search for proofs.

    Hello [endless coding (because of the typhoon? who knows)] Robert,

    Can you please give me your wife's e-mail?
  11. alfcen

    alfcen Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Do you want be to get killed ???
  12. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    I have updated my "location", and if someones interested I can arrange a few "Vinho do Porto" samples!!:sign0188:
  13. alfcen

    alfcen Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi Cableguy
    Welcome back! "Vinho do Porto" - would be great for Christmas - what an excellent drop :)
  14. vb_guy2

    vb_guy2 New Member

    hi guy cable

    can u send me some samples please :sign0188:
  15. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    Anyone who wants a sample of "vinho do porto" say :sign0060: and donate a few euros for the pakage and stamps..
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