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Any help will be welcomed.

I have tested the library with multiple calendars, using the unmodified sample app provided by Edward and a modified version of the app to create events without reminders in multiple calendars.

I have found a curious but serious problem. I hope someone else has also found the problem and has a solution. At least, I hope that someone tries to duplicate error I am describing and confirms my findings.

1. I am able to create events in multiple calendars.
2. I specify a location (as the unmodified sample app does).
3. I check the event in the Google Calendar and the event with the location is there.
4. After a few moments , the location is erased from the event in the calendar. I am not sure what the trigger is.

If I edit the event in the calendar and save it, the location is preserved in the event.
If I create an event in the calendar manually, the location is preserved in the event.

The question is:
Why is the location erased (4 above)?
The second question is:
Can anyone duplicate this?
The third question is:
What can I do to prevent it from happening?
(I even tried to create an event and update it with the same location, but to no avail).

Thank you in advance for your replies.



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