Android Question CamEx2 and Camera2 can't find camera

Yvon Steinthal

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I am using the new libraries in order to make the camera work. However to no avail.
I have downloaded an app that succesfully uses the front camera of my android device. However i cannot do the same on my own by code.

I need help to find out how i can achieve what "CameraFi" app succesfully does that i can't do with B4A.

My code is simple:

When the opencamera function is set it returns id="" it has not found a camera...

Yvon Steinthal

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Thanks Erel,

I went back to CameraEx and it works better.

However its not the only issue but it has nothing to do with B4A.

For information i am using a chinese made android tv... and the power from the motherboard is insufficient to power up the camera at the same time as other USB equipments plugged in. Its a hardware issue that i found out, i will have to talk to my distributor.