Java Question Can a AAR be used if it comes from a Koitlinsource?

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  1. DonManfred

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    I am wrapping the Estimote Beacons SDK... I started with V1 (completeky based on Java).
    It is already working (not finished).

    They now released a V2 of their SDK

    In V2 they now have splitted the SDK into smaller parts (similar to google :D). Every part is available as a AAR.

    In some of the extracted classes.jar i found the info that it is based on a .kt source. So, some of the parts are still based on java. Other parts are based on Koitlin in the V2 Release.

    I use the extracted classes.jar inside Eclipse to buil the wrapper (seems to work fine; i can "see" the Objects resp. i can add the right import.). I also can complete writing the wrapper and SLC did compile successfully. Including the "new wrapper-classes". So from this point it seems to work.

    Will this work with B4A? Can B4A use this AAR-Files which are based on Koitlin sources but are available as AAR? And the wrapper around the koitlin AAR files is written in Java by me.
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  2. Erel

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    I'm not sure. I never tried it myself. Report your progress :)
  3. DonManfred

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    I will do. I need to do more work on the Lib to try my new Beacons (i now own LocationBeacons with UWB; hopefully i can get them to work.

    For the Locationsbeacon setup you need an iOS Device with V1.

    In V2 i found AAR files which does contains exactly this feature (but this is one of the .kt based AAR). Creating a Room with Walls and define which Beacons have which position.
    Hopefully this is the way to do it without iOS-Device need... Need to investigate. I´ll keep you informed.

    Probably it still needs some time. But i have two weeks winterholiday from 16th dec (much time for this :))

    PD: HONESTLY i am hoping to see a new B4A beta released when i go into winterholiday :D
    Speaking about the new SdkManager and his new download of the Firebase-Artifacts; want to test my FirebaseFirestore-wrapper :D