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    Hi all
    I am developing an app that reads QR codes. Currently the information in the QR is a formatted string that is then parsed into components for use in the app. What I want to do is have the string meaningless to anyone that scans the code with any other QR reader (basically different clients will have their own unique QR and I want to make it less likely that someone will replicate the string for the wrong purpose.)

    What I am trying is to generate the QR string from a Base64 created string - I have done a VB program for that.
    Then create the QR code -- done
    But what I cannot find at the moment is how to take the scanned QR string (Base64) and convert it back to a string within the app.
    (my VB program can do this encode / decode cycle. I just cant find the right syntax in B4A.)

    Can someone give me the way to convert a string that is 'Base64' back to my original string.
    It is more a nice to have feature than a must have but does add a degree of securuty.

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    Perfect - Thanks