Can i use Basic4PPC to run a program whilst a device is in 'standby'


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Hi, I'd like to get into development for ppc's, although i've only got experiance with vb, mainly vba, which i have a habbit of going into deep and amazing myself with what i do but no one else!

since having a ppc device and learning that mobile excel doesn't have macro's (which is a pain for me as i'm so used to using vba in excel i'd forgotten how to do things using formula!, excel has been my main development testing for the last few years now, although with the introduction of 2007 I see that coming to an end)

Anyways, at the moment, I've had a little go at this basic, quite impressed so far, made a small program, well a very basic test program that just counts seconds, but i'm very confused about one thing...

basically I want a program to be able to run in the background, at first I was surprised when i pressed the litte x on my ppc it actually closed, secondly, when i put my phone into 'standby' I want to be able to decide weather or not it will run in the background, ie, like you can set windows media player to play audio even in standby or not.

Is it possible using basic4ppc to allow a program to do this, so far i've just made a super simple counting app just to test how it works, now i've never done anything on ppc before, or any thing else other than vb/vba!

I'm a bit confused as sometimes it counts up the seconds when i press the standby button on the device, sometimes it counts up in the background, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm sorry if my post is quite long! i have a bad habbit of writing too much then seeing how much i wrote and being to lazy to edit it:sign0013:


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First of all I'd like to welcome you to the forum, you've come to the right place.

Your programs can run with the device in standby.
What you need to understand is that running programs on the device using the B4PPC editor is different to running a compiled B4PPC program.
Clicking the 'x' when running in the IDE will close your program and take you back to the designer, however with a compiled App you can minimise the Form by using the FormLib in which case the Form will just be hidden and you need to provide a way of closing the Form via a button or menu option.
Compiled Apps also run much faster.

Hope this covers your questions.



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Get audio level

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